​​​​East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue

​In Memory of 


Sweet velcro girl, 

Loving companion, 

Smile maker, 

Daddy's Precious Girl, 

Koda's little sister, 

Frisbee chaser, 

Bestest hugger,

Agility winner, 

Never forgotten, 

Loved forever

Piper was a wonderful dog. We are so grateful for the ETBCR for all of the work you do. You took Piper (then called Flip) in from a high kill shelter after her owner signed her over. We were never able to figure out why anyone would give up such a good dog.

She was a loving companion. She followed me like a constant shadow, slept with her head on my shoulder, always just a paw's touch away. She had a happy grin every morning and would do a little tap dance with her back feet when you would scratch her back. Always ready to play, she would bring whatever toy was handy and place it, and re-place it around the room in different places until I would pick it up and toss it or tug with her.

She and I learned agility together. She was the first dog I ever titled with. She was thrilled to do anything with me. Sometimes she would make up her own way to do the obstacles, like go over the tunnel, or jump through a standard instead of over the pole. It was hard for me to keep from laughing. She would always make me smile.

When we played Frisbee with her brother Koda, she thought the game was to herd Koda back to me when he caught it. Sadly, she finally got the retrieving concept in the last few months of her life. She was a happy, fun loving girl up till the very last.

We will never forget Piper. We miss her very much.​