​​​​East Tennessee Border Collie Rescue

The rest, as they say, is history. Cheyenne brought us years of love, companionship and so much pure joy and happiness. I'll never forget how she walked me to the front gate each day as I went to work. How she would lie out on the front porch in the morning waiting for the school bus to pick up our son and see him off to school. How she would wait out on the patio for my husband to come home from work or return from a quick trip to the store. How she knew my mom & dad's dog was blind and how she would help guide that dog in the right direction. How she loved to go for rides in the car. How she loved to go for long walks at the park. How she would greet us each morning we came down the steps and we would hear her tail thumping either on the back of the couch, the floor, or wall - that tail wagging back and forth in joy of seeing one of us and hitting whatever was close to her. She was always filled with joy!

She had some health issues about a year ago but after much prayers and care, we were able to bring her home and spend another beautiful and fun-filled quality year with her. Two nights ago I lost that best friend. She is now another angel in heaven, and I so hope to see her again someday by that rainbow bridge. The words above cannot begin to capture all the fun, love and happiness she brought to me and my family. It just not something words can capture - only something you can experience. I hope we brought her as much joy, as she brought us. I thank God every day for the true blessing of Cheyenne and her love. I miss her greatly, but I will keep her beautiful spirit and the memories of her close to my heart - always!

Cheyenne was so sweet and gentle - she was so good, almost too good, if that is possible. Many times I would just want her to relax, yet she always seemed to be on-call looking out for each of us; including a small pup we brought into our family five years later. Cheyenne acted like a mother to that young pup, who we called Shadow, and Cheyenne showed Shadow the way to behave and how to be part of the family. The bond between those two dogs grew as the years went by. Shadow always showed her love and appreciation for Cheyenne by showering her with kisses on her face every day. Those two did everything together. They ate together, played with toys together, sat outside together, side by side on their outside dog beds, and many times slept on the same couch together inside the house.

From the moment I saw Cheyenne at the grand opening of the Knoxville Convention center, I just fell in love. I saw a little girl rubbing her ear and Cheyenne was not moving a muscle. I saw Cheyenne's gentle spirit in that moment. I knew from that moment on Cheyenne had to be part of our family. However, I sat in front of my computer later that day with the adoption papers all filled out but didn't push the send button for some time. I was nervous of how my small dog, Cookie, would feel about us bringing another dog into our family, as Cookie had been our only pet for over 6 years. I didn't want to hurt Cookie and I didn't want to hurt Cheyenne by bringing her into a world with another dog that may not welcome her. Yet, I knew she had to be part of our family. I'm so happy I finally pressed that "send" button. Barbara, Cheyenne's foster mom, and East TN Border Collie Rescue were great. They assured me that they would not place her with us if it didn't work out between the two dogs. Barbara brought Cheyenne to our home; and it was instant canine friendship from the very beginning between Cookie and Cheyenne, as well as instant love for Cheyenne from the rest of my family.

This is Cheyenne's story -- a story about one of God's amazing creatures, one of my best friends, a valued member of my family, my beautiful and extremely smart dog, Cheyenne. She came to us in 2002 from East TN Border Collie Rescue, and she brought us so many beautiful moments, much happiness and faithful, constant companionship. I know how smart dogs can be and how much they can understand, but from day one Cheyenne and I connected and somehow knew exactly what each one was thinking or saying. We could talk both verbally and non-verbally like no other dog I have loved (and I have loved them all).